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Welcome to CGE.

Consultant Gas Engineers (CGE) Limited is a privately owned British Company. It was formed in UK in 1970 and is operating from its Head Office in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. CGE has grown into a leading designer and supplier of process plant and combustion equipment. The Company has an extensive product and services.

CGE design, manufacture, supply, install, commission & support -

* Modular Process Plant.
* Intermittent Kilns and Furnaces (gas or electric).
* Continuous Kilns and Furnaces (gas or electric).
* Intermittent or Continuous Dryers.
* Burners and Combustion Control Systems.
* Ladle Pre-heating Hoods.

CGE supply into :-

* Whiteware.
* Heavy Clay.
* Technical Ceramics.
* Tableware.
* Refractories.
* Insulators.
* Glass.
* Food and Metal.

Design CGE maintains a dedicated permanent staff of engineers in all relevant fields. Designs are carried out in-house based on computer predictions, calculated results, pilot trials and experience. Control systems are tailored to suit specific clients needs and plant layouts are agreed in advance.

CGE operates a policy of continual development and considerable advances have been made in applying modern engineering techniques to traditional systems. All equipment is supplied as standard products, but can be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.

Service and support Service visits - Commissioning and Service engineers are available to provide in-house consultation or site visits. These personnel can help to identify and resolve any operational difficulties together with optimising the plant performance.Regular maintenance visits - These can be arranged to provide routine calls which maintain closer control of operating units and provide a forum for discussing any improvements in CGE technology.

Spare parts - This service has been designed to provide a high quality and rapid response from comprehensive records of all equipment supplied. A recommendation for the supply of spare holdings is based on operational experience.

Manufacturing CGE undertakes all of its own manufacturing procedures. This is a policy which brings important customer advantages relating to quality control and delivery. The production facilities are housed within CGE's own plant in Skelmersdale. Facilities include a comprehensive machine shop, assembly areas, control panel shop, fitting, welding and testing areas.

Computer facilities Fully operational CAD systems provide the very latest up to date design control and information system. We have in depth knowledge of kiln and heating systems with a high level of computational support in evaluating systems.

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