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Self Recuperative Burner

The CGE Self Recuperative burner has been developed specifically to save energy. The burner achieves substantial fuel saving by passing heated combustion products over incoming combustion air. The burner has a powerful 10 therm output.


Benefits include: * Fuel savings mean payback time is typically 2 to 3 years compared with conventional burner schemes * High burner efficiency means shorter heating cycles or less burners required for the same duty. * Accurate pressure control can be achieved through adjustment of eductor air flow - hence no requirement for damper mechanisms. * No internal flue allows for a simpler kiln / furnace design. * In the firing of high quality glazed products, harmful particles are sucked through the burner which improves process cleanliness and hence reduces rejects. * In multi-burner installations, better temperature uniformity is ensured due to multi-point fluing. * Pre-heating the combustion air increases flame temperature which is an advantage in high temperature applications. *Thermal transfer from the exhaust gases to the combustion air allow reduced flue stack temperatures. * When the cycle changes from the heating to the cooling mode, thermal shock is reduced because the burner preheats the cooling air. * Lower nitrous oxide emissions. * The burner has been successfully used in high temperature applications up to 1760 centigrade.

CGE Universal Burner

The CGE high velocity nozzle-mix Universal Burner is the result of many years of advanced research into combustion system's carried out by CGE's specialist engineering site. It is now one of the best available for any standard clean gas fuel application. The Universal Burner comes supplied with a spark ignitor, and either a UV detector cell or flame detection probe. Advantages over the old 'Quarl' and 'Pre-mix' burner types are - * High thermal capacity for its size. * Operates upto 1600 centigrade. * In many cases the burner may be installed without the necessity for plant shutdown. * Corrosion resistant tip. Applications include -Heat treatment furnaces. * Kilns. * Incinerators. * Glory holes (glass industry). * Ladle pre-heaters. * Dryers.

Midi & Maxi Package Burner CGE's Midi and Maxi Package Burners are totally self contained units capable of providing 2 and 10 therms respectively in a wide range of applications such as dryers, pottery kilns, glass pots, glory holes, small furnaces etc. * The burners are supplied with an air fan and pre-wired gas safety valves, and assembled requiring only gas and single phase electricity supplies. * A high degree of turndown is available on both these models. * Air setting dampers are fitted to both burners. * The air slide on the Midi burner can be used to set the air / gas ratio thus enabling firing conditions from strongly oxidising through to reducing to be obtained. * 110 or 240 volt models available.

Apollo Burner The CGE Apollo Burner has a powerful 20, 40 or 60 therm output and has been developed for heating applications which require a high thermal duty. The nose cone is manufactured using a high grade stainless steel, and an ingenious self cooling mechanism prevents overheating. The burner comes complete with a specially designed gas control train in a portable frame. This incorporates a flame failure unit, spark ignition and gas rate setting valves. Applications for the CGE Apollo Burner include: * Stress relieving of large vessels. * Ladle Pre-heating. * Furnace heating / pre-drying. * Refractory dry-outs.

Premix & Semi-Premix Top Fired Burner The Premix and Semi-Premix Burners are extremely versatile and intended for use in tunnel, shuttle, intermittent kilns and furnaces. The main features are: * High velocity. * Excellent flame stability. * No quarl necessary. * Custom sizes available. * Supplied in manual ignition, spark ignition and fully automatic forms. * The Premix Burner - range 20,000 to 850,000 Btu/h. * Intended for use where a gas / air mixture is provided. The Premix Burner can also be supplied complete with an injector for use on zero gas pressure installations. * The Semi-Premix Burner - range 30,000 to 850,000 Btu/h. * Gas and air mixtures are supplied separately to the Semi-Premix Burner and are mixed in the body of the burner.

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