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CGE Rapid Uniflow Dryer

The CGE Uniflow dryer is designed primarily for sanitaryware, but can be utilised in a variety of other industry sectors. Consistency is the key within any dryer or kiln. Conventional dryers have tended to use centrally located, recirculation equipment, which often leads to uneven drying particularly in heavily loaded dryers where the products and ware trollies impede even air flow. These systems also tend to be space hungry, requiring open space around the equipment if they are to function correctly.

CGE have addressed these problems and developed the Rapid Uniflow Dryer which incorporates CGE's unique air distribution system, situated in the roof, which leaves all available floor space for the drying of ware. Benefits include :- * Each individual piece is subject to a uniform amount of drying over the cycle. * Losses due to drying, consistently below 0.5%. * Product is dried well below 1% moisture content in 8-10 hours. * Insulated automatic folding doors are provided at both ends of the dryer to facilitate product movement by 'barrows'. These doors provide a complete seal that aids uniformity throughout the dryer cycle. The dryer is also fitted with a heating and air distribution system, designed to permit rapid and even drying

CGE Curing Chambers

The CGE Curing Chambers are built on a modular basis from structural steel and insulated panels to facilitate easy addition of chambers. They are designed to produce rapid and uniform curing at low cost using a recirculated, heating air system. Each chamber is fitted with a single motorised roller shutter door which is controlled automatically from a central controller. The door is pre-programmed to open automatically at the end of the dryer cycle.

Switching from steam curing to hot air curing usually includes the following benefits : -* Substantially reduced production costs. * Increased production - CGE's Curing Chambers have reduced the curing time for dense blocks. * The system's high level of control has increased the strength of certain products. * Minimal downtime. * Overall costs, including maintenance, are significantly reduced. * Increased floor space due to the elimination of the boiler house and cold storage areas. * There are no longer any requirements for the system to be manned. * No water treatment chemicals are needed. * No half yearly boiler inspections, which are very labour intensive. * This system utilises gas which is a clean, low cost fuel.

Dehumidifying Dryer The CGE dehumidity Dryer is of the chamber design and is supplied complete with all necessary controls, instrumentation, heating systems, cooling systems and recirculation fans. These chambers are specifically designed so that large difficult pieces of clay components can be dried over a slow cycle with a minimum of ware loss due to drying faults.

Drying is achieved by accurate control of the humidity and temperature within the drying chamber with a combination of steam injection and the chilling of the recirculation air.

The heating of the chamber is achieved by the use of electrical elements. By submitting the product to the current cycle of heating and humidity, low drying losses are achieved.

Continuous Roller Dryer The CGE Continuous Roller Dryer can be used for continuous or intermittent drying of a wide range of products. The dryer has two powered roller conveyors, one above the other. Each conveyor can index a suitable distance to suit the product, at a rate to suit production.

An automatic loading platform moves vertically to line up with either roller conveyor to load the product then return to the most suitable loading position. A similar unit operates at the discharge end for automatic loading. Vertical doors at each end of the dryer open and close automatically.

The drying operation is in two zones, each with its own burner and recirculation system. The zones are designed to provide high humidity in the first zone, and a high drying rate in the second zone.

The dryer can be used as an intermittent dryer, with both zones following the same drying cycle. The maximum operating temperature of the dryer is 280 centigrade.

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