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CGE Rotary Hearth Furnaces

The CGE Rotary Hearth Furnace has been developed for the highly fuel efficient heating of product to 1200 centigrade for use in continuous treatment or holding applications. By utilising a circular hearth that can be rotated, product can be loaded and then rotated clear of the door. The CGE Rotary Hearth Furnace is available in two standard sizes, although other sizes are available on request. The larger of the two sizes has a hearth diameter of 4.0m and is capable of heating product weighing up to 7 tonnes. The smaller furnace has a hearth diameter of 2.3m and a maximum load rating of 3.5 tonnes.

A typical application would be pre-heating moulds prior to casting: - *Product can be placed on the hearth via a self sealing door when the furnace is at operating temperature. * The rotating hearth can be indexed in either direction through preset or variable distances. * Thermal input is provided by CGE's Self Recuperative Burners which promote fast temperature distribution and high energy savings. * The furnace structure is made up from rigid steel sections insulated with a multi-layer high quality ceramic fibre lining. * The rotary hearth is constructed using several layers of cast refractory material, which gives it a combined thickness of some 350mm to ensure maximum rigidity and optimum insulation characteristics. * To prevent cool air and dirt ingress, the furnace operates under slight pressure and ample sealing around the hearth is provided by a refractory slot and retractable sand seal.

CGE Stress Relieving Furnaces

The CGE Stress Relieving Furnace has typically been used for the heat treatment of castings and fabrications. The photograph illustrates a 215 cubic metre furnace that operates to a maximum temperature of 900 centigrade. The furnace has a door at each end, accommodating a single car at any one time which can be withdrawn from either side.or.

The furnace incorporates: - * A low thermal mass lining, a double labyrinth sealing arrangement and individual burner control which all contribute towards excellent temperature uniformity and high product quality. * Dual purpose combustion system enables stable temperatures below 100 centigrade and up to 900 centigrade. * One bogie which is highly insulated eliminating the risks of excessive under car temperatures. The bogie is moved using a car mounted traction system which is interlocked with the doors. *CGE's own touch screen computerised management system controls all aspects of furnace a performance. Colour graphic displays provide visual representations of any aspect of the furnace environment , including multi-zone control. The system allows for maintenance analysis, fault diagnosis and product bar coding, while providing on-line help facilities. Data can be exported over a local network to remote PC's, where it can be analysed and printed.

Pusher Furnace The Pusher Furnace can be single or double deck and of a size to suit many applications. It has been designed for various uses including: - * For the burning out of wax from investment shell moulds and for pre-firing them. * For burning out of plastic from investment shell moulds, firing and pre-heating them for immediate casting in one operation. * For stress relieving copper coils for heavy duty motors.

The Pusher Furnace is environmentally friendly due to its excellent insulation, sealing system and its afterburner ensuring that particular emissions are well within specified limits. A typical application would be operating to 1050 centigrade burning off excess wax from precision moulds and firing prior to casting. This furnace operates in a simple but highly effective way: - * After setting, the trays supporting the ware are placed on a loading table from which the furnace is charged via an automated hydraulic handling system. * If the unloading table is clear the doors at both ends of the furnace will open and the hydraulically operated charger, or pusher, will smoothly push the loaded work trays into the furnace chamber. * At this point the handling system pulls the exit tray clear of the door and the doors will close.

The Pusher Furnace is a fully automated system, incorporating a colour graphic touch screen computer with on-line help facilities for ease of operation. Additionally, fuel efficient features such as variable door height adjustment minimise heat loss during the firing cycle.

Electric Rotary Heat Treatment Furnace This furnace is designed for the heat treatment of small metal items that can be fed continuously into a rotating drum. The body of the furnace comprises a tubular body that passes through an electrically powered heating chamber and is rotated by means of a soft start positive chain drive arrangement. The heating chamber and the support rollers are mounted onto a steel framework. The framework is designed such that the rate of travel of the product through the tube can varied by adjustment to the angle and speed of rotation of the tube. The product enters the tube via the rotating inlet end plate arrangement and exits the tube via a static end plate when the heat treatment process is completed. The heating chamber comprises a rectangular shell, made in two halves which are bolted together along a centre line. The main features include: - * The shell is lined with 6" fibre modules which create the heat resistant lining of the heating chamber. * Electrical heating elements are fitted around the circumference of the heating chamber and are arranged such that they are readily replaceable and can be controlled via a temperature controller. * The heating elements are arranged into control zones which will provide an extremely accurate temperature control system. * The furnace is fitted with an over temperature device which will in the event of over temperature be capable of shutting down and rapidly emptying the furnace as well as interacting in the process of feed arrangement.

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